Jacky combos borrowed from Xeno
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P+K, P, u/b+K+G (works on everyone)
P+K,P, d+P, u/b+K+G (works on everyone except Jeffry)
P+K,P, F+P, u/b+K+G (works on lightweights and most midweights)


b+K+G, b+P+K, P, K (works on everyone except Jeffry and Wolf sometimes)
b+K+G, F+P, K K (works on everyone up to Akira)
b+K+G, u+P (down attack on heavyweights)

df, df+K

df, df+K, f+P P, u/b+K+G (on lightweights)
df, df+K, f+P P K (on midweights)
df, df+K, f+P P d+K (on Akira and heavyweights)

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