Vanessa Lewis rundown by erdraug

Due to the fact that she has 2 completely separate stances, Vanessa Lewis, or vane for short, has the biggest movelist in the game. She also features unique neutral punch inashi and low catch throws. This is offset by some big disadvantages such as a 14-frame jab, escapable punch reversals and struggleable hit-throws. Playing as her is a real challenge.



H Defensive Stance, DS for short, einai argi alla polles apo tis kiniseis tis exoun amuntikes idiotites typou sabaki i kanoun track. Einai i stasi stin opoia i vanessa 3ekinaei stin arxi ka8e gurou.


H Offensive Stance, OS for short, exei pio grigores kiniseis ek ton opoion polles kataligoun se takedown, ena eidos ground multithrow. On the downside, den exei kamia kinisi pou na exei amuntikes idiotites kai elaxistes pou na kanoun track.

Allazontas stances

Dustuxos sto VF4evo uparxoun monaxa 2 tropoi na alla3ei kaneis stances:

  • p+k+g

Patontas pkg. Den exo brei posa frames pairnei auto - diabasa oti einai 3 frames alla mou moiazei pio polu gia 5-6 frames imho.

  • b,b+k+g,d

Press d while holding b,b+K+G. While doing the charged version of the back charge kick vane cancels it and changes stances. The cancel seems like a nice mixup but it's really slower than the previous command.






  • Vane lost her bikini top outfit in the westernized version. Booo Sega.
  • According to a VFdc forum thread (link needed) her DS f,f+k is her most useful move.
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