Lion top 10 moves by erdraug

I once posted a top ten of Lion's moves on VFDC. The only active player who bothered to interject was BorisOfWales. I'm posting mine here but i strongly urge you to look over the thread i linked to above for a second opinion.

  1. p jab : There's also b,f+p+k but there's just not enough space for everything in a top 10 list.
  2. f+p elbow : Same goes for f+k, it has a solid hitbox and gives nitaku on CH but i had to choose one.
  3. db+p low punch : Way more magic than vanilla low punch. Besides, lion's d+p is 13f.
  4. b,b+k floater : A 15f move with great range that beats throws and floats on normal hit for decent damage.
  5. D,f+p CH floater : Mid, safe, magic hitbox.
  6. db+k low : Fastest low attack with knockdown in the game. Useful for beating defensive techniques.
  7. u+p+k track stomach : Vs evades, also good range.
  8. b+k track back : Maybe the weakest move on this list but covers his back.
  9. b,f+k+g anti-low : Lion has a bunch of anti-low moves but i like this one: positive on block and gives a good float.
  10. evade p+k wtf move : Safe, circular, special high, 30 damage (!), float on CH.

Notice i'm missing df+k and p+k. BorisOfWales practically lives off stepping > midkick o_0 He also uses the qcb+p sabaki well, i think the move is very good good but i can't pull difficult motions like that consistently :-(

I use Lions sweeps more than i'd like to, specially if i guess wrong with his semicirculars a couple of times. I'd hardly recommend them though, i've lost more games by having them blocked than not.

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