List of character rationalisations

Here's a list of rationalisations people use to defend their characters i once compiled for a VFdc thread.

  • Akira: "…but he doesn't have a full-circular!"
  • Aoi: "…but she has a slow jab!"
  • Brad: "…but he can be low punched out of shoo shoo!"
  • Eileen: "…but she's the lightest character in the game!"
  • El Blaze: "…but he's not a midget, he's just small!" (yeah i have nothing, either nobody likes/plays him or he's actually considered balanced :-X )
  • Goh: "…but he's slow/linear/short range/doesn't do enough damage/a zombie!"
  • Jacky: "…but his throws don't do much damage!"
  • Jeffry: "…but his floaters are punishable!"
  • Kage: "…but TFT is breakable!"
  • Lau: "…but his sweep is semi-circular/his strings are mostly punches!"
  • Lei Fei: "…but his p,p is not THAT good when you think about it!"
  • Lion: "…but his lows are punishable!"
  • Pai: "…but most characters do max damage combos on her!"
  • Sarah: "…but she does chip damage!"
  • Shun: "…but he needs to drink first!"
  • Vanessa: i'll let somebody else fill this one because i'll be accused of being biased although something along the lines of "…but she can't be at both stances at the same time!" is frequently repeated to her defense, god knows i've used that line a million of times :cry:
  • Wolf: "…but throws/evade p+k can be escaped!"
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