List of floor scraping mids (collab with Seidon)

Disclaimer: VFdc's seidon helped build part of this list.

This list was initially supposed to be complementary to a list another VFdc member was supposed to compile - one about "magic" mids, that is mids that seem to duck under other mids. The list never saw the day but i always thought about compiling a list of moves that counter said "magic" moves by hitting very close to the floor. Hence "floor scrape" mids. Unfortunately i needed help as ususal so i turned to Seidon who seemed to be one of the last active VFdc member who were still doing write-ups. Seidon is testing some stuff agaisnt shun's lie down stance. Which is fine but there are some move that, while they hit prone characters will still lose to magic moves like mulekick and HHS. Long story short, here's a sample list of moves with solid hitboxes, as usual whoever wants to contribute, feel free.

  • Akira: KNEE; shoulder ram; b,df+p; double palm*; f,f+k+k*; bodycheck*; f+k
  • Aoi: f,f+k; b+k+g*; D,df+p+k*; df+k*
  • Brad: b,f+k+g; D,b+k
  • Eileen: while standing k, f+k*; D,df+p+k*
  • El Blaze: while standing k; b+p+k*
  • Goh: k; shoulder ram; f+k*; f,f+k*; b,f+k*
  • Jacky: f,f+k; beat knuckle; groin kick; smash upper; high angle; step-in kick; somersault*; flash kicks*
  • Jeffry: d+k; b,df+p
  • Kage: d+p+k; f+k+g; f,f+k+g, D,f+k*; df+k+g*
  • Lau: while standing k; f+p+k*
  • Lei Fei: D,f+p*; df+k*; ???
  • Lion: f,f+k,k; f+p+k,k; u+p+k*; f+k+g*
  • Pai: while standing k; f+k+g & f,f+k+g somersaults*; uf+k+g*
  • Sarah: jack knife; dragon cannon; switch kick; somersault*; uf+k*; b+p+k*; d+p+k*
  • Shun: b,df+p; ???
  • Vanessa: DS k; DS df+p,pkg; OS df+k; OS f,f+k; OS b,df+p
  • Wolf: reverse sledge hammer; quick shoulder, short shoulder; df,df+p+k*; b+k*; b+k+g*

Note: items marked with * need further testing

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