List of Lei Fei's attacks that are positive on block

As usual i compiled this list to address some complaints about Lei Fei - namely that he never seems to be at disadvantage. Turns out he has less moves that are + on block than vanessa.

Default Stance
p HP +2
p,p MP +1
p,p,p MDP +/-0

Hai Shiki
p,p HP +4
p,p+k MDP +6 lol

Boku Tai
df+k MK,MK stagger

Doku Ritsu
b+k HK +2
b+k,k HK +2

Ne Han Shiki o_0
p MP,HP +/-0 (Sabaki)
p,k H*K +5
p+k HP,MP +/-0 (Sabaki)
p+k,p MP +4
k+g H*CR +2

…plus 3 more moves from his BT stances.

As i note in the original VFdc thread he needs to be in his stances to have access to anything other than his infamous ppp AND he doesn't seem to be able to float his opponent if these moves do connect.

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