List of damaging CH lows

A legitimate option against Aoi's tenchi is to go for a low - notably if it knocks down or, even better, combos on CH. So here's a list i compiled with damaging low attacks:

  • Akira df+p+k CH float
  • Aoi sweep (or d+k,p,p if it combos?)
  • Brad db+k,k CH combo or db+p CH float
  • El Blaze sweep (or d+k,p,p if it combos?)
  • Eileen df+p+k CH float
  • Goh db+k +12 on CH or df+k+g CH hit-throw
  • Jacky db+p,k combo
  • Jeffry d+k+g
  • Kage b,b+k+g float
  • Lau db+k,k CH combo
  • Lei ??? (he probably has a sweep)
  • Lion ??? (d+k,k if it combos on CH, otherwise db+k or sweep?)
  • Pai db+k,k CH combo
  • Sarah d+k+g CH float or sweep
  • Shun ??? (pick one)
  • Vanessa DS d+k,p CH float/OS d+k,p,p CH combo
  • Wolf df+p+k

Note: only Jeffry lacks a low that knocks down on CH. I would suggest using an unsabakiable mid like b,df+p,p instead.

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