List of defensive options available to each character

I made a list of characters who can win games against me without having to resort to the guard button. Some of these characters have evasive moves that put them out of harm's way. Others can follow the old adage "offence is the best defence". It's not a list about characters that are most suited to abare - just characters who have extra defensive options available to them, other than just pressing the guard button to block an attack.

Anyway, here it is :

Shun: low kick stops low punches, highs & most mids. Mulekick stuffs lows highs and some mids. He also has more evasive moves than i care to count, various rolls and a jumping evade p+k that beats delayed throws. Jumping attack that beats low punches for sideturns. Even more stuff, i really don't think anybody's debating this.

Lei Fei: once he lands a hit he can usually keep attacking without getting himself disadvantaged on block due to moves with evasion from his various stances. He's also the only character with a 2-part evade p+k that leaves him with the initiative on block. MDP sabaki or Doku auto-inashi means he can deals with elbows. Jumping attacks that beat low punches for knockdown. Forward roll. Again i don't think anybody will debate this.

Kage: as i tried to explain above, if he doesn't want to block he doesn't have to. He can roll away, jump away (thanks oioron) somersault away. No need to abare. But if he'd like to he could press the attack with f,f+pkg which will beat highs, lows & most mids, use his df+p which will beat highs & more if done after a pushback move or just somersault. He also has a dragonpunch, don't know how that works, seems to have a pretty funky hitbox too.

Aoi: She can tenchi 2/3 of every character's movelist. As an added bonus she can reverse everything and sabaki some stuff. f,f,+k jumps over lows. If she doesn't qualify as "not having to press the g-button if you don't want to" i don't know what does.

Lion: db+p stops everything EXCEPT far reaching mids. b+p beats highs. u+k beats low punches for a knockdown. db+pkg and df+pkg slides. b+pkg avoids highs & short range mids & also negates sideturned situations (try it). Even more shenanigans. I play Lion, i should know.

Eileen: happy hopping shoulder beats practivally everything. b,f+p goes under highs and some mids. Sweep goes under some mids too. Tons of jumping attacks to beat low punch. b+pkg retreat move. While rising kick. Absurd hitboxes in general.

Akira: this one apparently causes an uproar. His shoulder ram is 16f and beats low punches, highs & some mids. His fast mids (including his elbow) have tech-crouch properties, beating highs & crushing slower mids. He has 2 sabaki that stuff both high, mid & low punches. And he can reverse mids that could potentially beat shoulder ram or his other fastmids - except a HANDFUL of exceptions. It's 3-choice for him up to guaranteed punishment, guard being a fourth and thus not necessary option.

Pai: Somersaults. Bokutai. df+p and f,f+p+k. Even easier reversals than Akira. And if she wants to keep pressuring instead of reversing or retreating there's always 10f punch, 14f low & 14 hopkick. She too has a 3-choice up to guaranteed punishment.

Generally speaking somersaults act like a shoryuken in this game, they seem to stuff attacks from disadvantage. However - shoryukens being punishable - a character needs to have an additional arsenal of highly evasive in order to eschew the use of the guard button. That's why Jacky, Sarah & Lau don't make the list. Sure they have a couple of jumping or evasive moves but they are either punishable or slow. Although Lau's magic u+k and f,f+p+k make me wonder sometimes.

Concerning El Blaze, i don't know, he has his rolls and his b+pkg retreating sabaki thing but i have yet to run into somebod who could lock me down without using the guard button.

Goh does have a magic shoulder ram like akira but lacks the fast mids and reversals. Having to choose the right sabaki each time is not the same thing as having to input 1 reversal to deal with every mid minus SOME exceptions.

Same goes for DS Vanessa's sabakis, minus the magic shoulder ram. OS vanessa is minus the sabakis too. Although to be fair her evade p+k does beat high attacks.

Same goes for Wolf's evade p+k. I hear his own shoulder ram shares some of the hitbox (or lack thereof) magic of most shoulder rams in the game but, dunno, at 20f it's kinda slow.

I don't think i have to explain how it's quite improbable for Jeffry to go about ignoring the guard button. He has zero reversals, inashi and sabaki and his only evasive move is b,df+p.

Finally Brad is straight up screwed in the reversal, sabaki and magic attack department - better learn to use that guard button :-)

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