List of fast un-sabakiable mids

This is a list of fast mid attacks that cannot be sabakied. I define "fast" as less than 18 frames. Why 18 frames? Because i originally compiled this list for VFDC thread about Vanessa's infamous db+p attack (the one that sabakis lows and kills highs) which is 18 frames fast.

  • Akira: Shoulder Ram; Double Palm; f,f+p+k
  • Aoi: b,df+p
  • Brad: —
  • Eileen: shoulder ram, uf+k+g
  • El Blaze: ub+k+g
  • Goh: Shoulder Ram
  • Jacky: somersault; b,f+k+g
  • Jeffry: b,df+p
  • Kage: uf+k
  • Lau: ub+k+g
  • Lei Fei: b,f+p; b,df+p+k
  • Lion: D,df+p+k
  • Pai: somersaults
  • Sarah: Somersault
  • Shun: u+k+g mulekick
  • Vanessa: —
  • Wolf: Reverse Sledge Hammer; Quick Shoulder

Note that Aoi can still reverse these attacks.

Here's another link to a VFDC thread debating which unsabakiable attack amongst the ones mentioned above is the most useful.

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