List of far reaching attacks

Sometimes you need a move to reach those annoying backwalkers. Here's a quick list of far reaching attacks, incomplete as usual of course :

  • Akira — bodycheck; SDE; f,f+p+k,p
  • Aoi — f,f+p; f,f+k
  • Brad — df,df,b+k; ducking > k+g; f,f+p+k,p > ducking mixups; long ducking mixups
  • El Blaze — f+k; f,f+k; rocket discharge mixups
  • Eileen — f+k; f,f+k; f,f+p; qcf+p; ARM
  • Goh — df,df+p; f,f+k; roll > shoulder ram
  • Jacky — p string; f,f+k; b+p,k; k,p,k; df+k,p,k; ARM; uf+k+g; df+k+g
  • Jeffry — df+k; f,f+k; uf+k+g ; running butt attack
  • Kage — f+k+g; f,f+k+g; ARM; slide; f,f+pkg
  • Lau — p string; df+p string; uf+k
  • Lei — hai p; roll mixups (once again i'm clueless when it comes to lei fei, sorry)
  • Lion — f+k+g; df+k+g; f+p+k,k; f+pkg mixups
  • Pai — p string; f,f+p+k; forward flipkick; running flying kick
  • Sarah — p string; f,f+k; f,f+k+g,k; uf+k+g string; p+k; uf+k; f,f+p+g; uf+p+g
  • Shun — head dive; k string
  • Vanessa — f,f+k
  • Wolf — f,f+p+k; b,f+k+g; giant swing; f+p+g; uf+p+g

Note: compiled based on my experience of having my DS df+k blocked and then doing b,b+k+g. I reckon that if opponents can reach me after that, they'll probably be able to reach other characters, like for example Jacky slide shuffling after p+k,k etc.

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