List of low attacks that combo on CH

This one another quick and dirty list i compiled for a VFdc thread. The exchange went as follows:

Tiripsem: I mean things like Aoi's YY Stance is awesome since it gives a guaranteed follow up no matter what but due to it being such a good tool in her arsenal, people keep an eye out for it. If they see the stance they immediately go for a grab or circular.
Me: Sorry for the derail but a legitimate option is to go for a low - notably if it knocks down or, even better, combos on CH:

Akira df+p+k float
Aoi sweep (does d+k,p,p combo?)
Brad db+k,k
El Blaze sweep (does d+k,p,p combo?)
Eileen df+p+k float
Goh db+k or df+k+g float
Jacky db+p,k
Jeffry d+k+g
Kage b,b+k+g float
Lau db+k,k
Lei he probably has a sweep
Lion pick one
Pai db+k,k
Sarah d+k+g/sweep
Shun pick one
Vanessa DS d+k,p float/OS d+k,p,p
Wolf df+p+k

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