List of Vanessa's attacks that are positive on block

Here's a compilation of vanessa's moves that give advantage on block:

p high, +2 on block
b+p mid, +5 on block
k+g high, stagger on block
b,b+k+g (fully chraged) mid, stagger on block


d+p+k mid, +3 on block
b,f+k,p high-high*, +1 on block
d+k,pkg low-high, +1 on block
f+p,k,pkg mid-high-high, +1 on block
df+p high, even on block
df+k (fully chraged) mid, stagger on block


d+k,p,p low-high-high, +5 on block
f+k,k,p,p mid-high-high-high, +5 on block
b,f+p high, +2 on block
b,f+p,p,b+p high-high-high, +2 on block
d+k,p,b+p low-high-high, +2 on block
f+k,k,p,b+p mid-high-high-high, +2 on block
uf+p or Intruder Step p+k high, +2 on block
Intruder Step p,pkg mid-high, +1 on block
f+p,pkg mid-high, +1 on block
df+k,pkg mid-high, +1 on block
p+k,pkg mid-high, +1 on block
p,p,pkg high-high-high, +1 on block
HCF p mid, even on block
HCF (fully chraged) mid, stagger on block

please note that all moves that end with pkg are stance switching moves ;)

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