Asymetric lag

Lag is asymetric.


I regularly play with a friend of mine and i don't have lag while he does. Each time.

Example: one time i was *telling* him with the mike "block low" after a lancer, or "break diagonal" when i was doing a low throw after vane's back charge kick, i could even hear him mashing the buttons (he has the EX stick) yet he did not escaped vane's throws.

He also regulrarly complains about lag but i've always responded with "wtf man i can hear you perfectly and i play without lag whatsoever". Nevertheless, to prove me wrong he tried the back turned taunt thing with Pai (you know, where she walks away from the opponent, flailing her arms) and i could hear him mash the buttons and the animation happened after a brief moment. Tries it with other slow moves too.

So, yeah, lag is asymetric; since my buddy's from Greece (and they don't normally have live there), my guess is that asymetrical lag has something to do with your distance from the microsoft xbox live servers.

I've since confirmed this by talking to my opponent through a regular phone, switching off the sound of my own TV and hearing their side of the game. So when I pressed a button, i could see my character perform the attack on my TV screen but the sound of the attack on the telephone came after half a second. So his side lagged, mine didn't.

Certainly, Xeno is a greek player so lag is very noticeable. You're probably thinking that, "well, most of the time lag lag is not that pronounced". Maybe, but that doesn't mean it's any less asymetrical. And in VF, even a couple of frames can make a difference.

So the argument "in reality, there is no such thing as lag abuse" based on the assumption that "it's usually as laggy for your opponent as it is for you" doesn't hold that well. This makes for half the posts in the BGs VFDC thread.

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