Vanessa 101

Somebody on VFDC asked for some very basic advice so i tried by best. As usual, i only copied my own stuff - the rest can be found in the original thread. Anyway:

Considering everybody's first contact with vanessa is from her default style we'll start with that.

DS Vane's best entry-level throw is f+p+g - thank god too because you'll get it a lot when you miss the timing on her hit-thtrows ;)

Easy combos, well, that's kinda harder…

From DS her easiest combo starter is df+p+k. Continue with p+k,p;p,p,pkg float.

That's a high move though. She sort of lacks easy mid combo starters. On simple hit you have df+k+g which requires you to quickly input f+p+g. The timing can be tricky at the beginning but notice that the f+p+g input is the same as the throw we just mentioned! There's also f+p+k,p and u+k which guarantees an u+p pounce but they are retarded slow, amongst other problems. On counterhit (yellow flash) you have f+k which again requires quickly inputting f+p+g for the hit-throw (again the same throw input!) and G+d/u+p, the weird side-punch for an easy p+k,pkg followup. That move can get you into trouble though because if your opponent counterhits you instead, vane might end up sidecrumpled :_(

This wall of text can be summed up as if you can't consistently perform vane's DS hit-throws than forget about combo starters and poke away. Unfortunately if poking "is honestly beginning to bore you" DS is not much fun.

Introducing the other style!

Best entry level throw from OS is probably df,df+p+g. It does good damage for such an easy input and it will fake an opponent who's used to breaking f+p+g ;-) Rest assured though, her standard f+p+g throw is there if you need it.

For a high combo starter you have f+p+k > pounce. Fast, strong & demoralizing move. There's also uf+p which is quite slow but has good range and leaves you with the advantage even if blocked! On hit follow up with f+p,p,k.

What's REALLY nice in OS however is the presence of multiple easy mid combo starters. Her staple is uf+k+g which floats the opponent high in the air and where you can follow up with f+p,p,k again. There's also b,df+p+k which even though a bit slower can beat high attacks from disadvantage, giving you a guaranteed u+p pounce. Both those attacks are punishable on block though. If you want a safer option it's back to the hit-throws, this time with b+k+g > p+g. Vastly inferior to the DS version but hey, it's there if you need it ;) Finally, if you're feeling like showing off there's HCF+p which can be charged or canceled to a low attack :-D

OS vane has strong options on CH too: df+p will send them into the air where you can do f+p,p,k. Now, this won't work against wolf at all and against Goh, Lion and El Blaze you'll have to do p,k,p instead but aaaaaaaaanyway, it's still strong as your opponent gets knocked off his feet, plus the move evades some high attacks ;-) There's of course a CH hit-throw too, this time in the form of b,f+k > f+p+k (weird input for a hit-throw, i know) just in case you don't feel like taking risks with combo starters.

A special mention goes to F+k, a special high attack. This move will consistently beat low punches and cause a head crumple on CH. Even the easiest f+k,k,p,p followup does a hefty amount of damage.

In addition to these style specific moves, while-rising p from both styles will stagger your opponent on CH, f+k+g is a slow kick that slams down which you'll always have a use for in long range and, finally, b,b+k+g is even slower but you can low throw your opponent if the move connects :-D

Hope this helps.

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