Vanessa basics - OS

This i some advice i gave Katsudon who seemed to be unsure as to what he was supposed to be doing when he ended up in OS. There's some discussion about Intruder Step there too, check it out if you want. In fact check out Katsudon's VF blog in general - it's a good example of the various stages a VF neophyte goes through - from the initial exhilaration up to and including giving up. Ahem, anyway.

What am i supposed to do from OS?

That's a nice question. In fact i was asking myself the very same question when i first picked up Vanessa. This is my personal take on the subject:

You are supposed to go into takedown. Make them afraid of takedown. Takedown hurts if they don't guess right. Even if they guess right and they escape it, you're not at disadvantage afterwards. Having to constantly guess escape inputs affects morale. Nobody likes being on the floor constantly. Make them afraid. Spam evade p+k lancer a bit. Make them low punch.

Complement with pile bunker > pounce. Your opponent should stay on the floor. It's 14 frames, slams on any hit yet CDfuzzy safe on block. You can practically spam it. Make sure your opponent low punches.

…then proceed to launch them with the flying knee. They low punch you out of p,k!f+p+k lancer? Twice? Next time do p,k;uf+k+g. ;-)

That's how it works. It's a 50-50 deal. The same way VF5 Jeffry boils down to hitting you with d+k+g and then having you guess whether he'll do a throw or knee, OS Vanessa boils down to high attacks/takedown & knee.

Finally, don't be worried if playing with OS appears to deteriorate your DS performance. You'll come to realise that OS is the true newbie killer whereas DS is what you'll fall back when facing advanced opponents. Like opponents who know the frames well enough to know when to counterattack with elbow or knee (b,f+k/b,f+p+k sabakis) or opponents who try to eteg (circulars/semicirculars) or *gasp* opponents who try to space you (df+k/f,f+k) ^^

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