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**Warning: i don't really play with Lion anymore. I just switch to him from time to time when the lag gets to my nerves. So the following list is more of a test, for me, to see if i use more than 10 of his moves nowadays. Turns out i do. I still play the same way i played him in VF5 vanilla though. Only scrubbier, because i've never hit the dojo, once.

So here goes, written in an appropriate tongue-in-cheek style, the scrub's top ten list to Lion's moves:

  1. p string: everyone mentions p,k,p vs sideturned. Which is pretty dope. But the "will i delay or will i stop the string" game after p,k still works for me. Also p,p,p+k seems somewhat faster in this version? I keep nailing people with it. Also p,p,RANDOM INPUT!+p is fun, sometimes i end up sideturned, sometimes the opponent is somehow slammed to the ground. Fun times!
  2. f+p string: Hey, the "guess if i'm going to finish the p string" game was fun, wasn't it? Let's play another game! I do f+p, you block! Will i do the followup? Nope, i didn't. Let's play the game again! Here's another elbow, will i do the followup? Nope, i did db+k and now you techrolled. I'll be frank with you, i don't know any other moves yet, so let's just play the elbow game again! I elbow and you guess, will i do the followup? I did! And you blocked? But you missed the punishment because you were too surprised? Oh, too bad. Let's play again! Oh, i know the move has real applications like poking & hitchecking or punishing lows. But i like this game better ;)
  3. db+k: Still seems to be the fastest low to knock down on NH in the game. Pretty hard to block on reaction if you ask me. And it floats on CH in this version? So i don't even have to learn FC df+p floats!? Awesome! All work and no play make Lion a dull boy.
  4. b,b+k!p+k: I told you, i don't like the hitcheck game! Ok, ok, i'll practice it, right after i finish doing my p,k,p combo. What do you mean there are more damaging combos? This one still takes 1/3 of their lifebar anyway!
  5. db+p: Dunno why no one mentions this one. It's still pretty hitbox-less if you ask me. Gets me out of a lot of tough spots, yes sir. The good old "guess if i will evade or abare with a magic move" game :-) Although low punch is nice too, particularly now that it's 12f.
  6. u+p+k: Tracks to my stomach. And it lets me play the okizeme game! That's, like, my favourite game! There's also df+k but i tend to reserve that for sideturned situations.
  7. hcf+p: Tracks to my back. Gotta have one of those too. I'll be honest with you, when i learned Lion's old b+k was gone i was bitter at first - but then this new move allows me to play the sideturned game, which is pretty fun too! :-D
  8. d+k+g: Because some days i don't want to guess which way you'll evade.
  9. f+k+g: Because some days i NEITHER want to guess which way you'll evade NOR if you're going to block low. We're here to play MY games, not yours! It's not like you can punish me with anything worse than p,k if you block this attacks at a distance, right?
  10. f,f+p: Speaking of distance, here's one of the new games brought to the table: you try to space me and i arrow punch you to the face like Lei Fei! Only i don't have to be in a stance!

And that's it. I don't even bother to use other moves nowadays. Well, ok, that's an exaggeration - i mentioned a couple of them already, like df+k or FC df+p or low punch. I also use random TRSF or b,b,df+p or b+p,p or b,f+k+g or u+k,k from time to time. Hell, now that i think of it, the "guess if i'm going to finish the u+k,k string" game is pretty fun too :-D

But, hey, that's already ten moves, so why bother writing more? Have fun playing the Lion game everyone!

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