VFDC, besides being an good source of frame data, is also a very entretaining repository of fake claims. The Good Games Thread is the most consistent source of this type of behaviour.

Here's the problem: If a new player spreads misinformation nobody cares, it's probably because he doesn't know any better. And nobody pays attention to new players anyway. Now, if an established player spreads misinformation, that's different. Other forum-goers pay attention to them. Their misinformation should be amended. Also, established players know better. They know the game and their respective characters inside-out. If they are conveniently omitting info or spreading false rumors, it's hard to believe it's just by accident. There's an ulterior motive behind such behaviour.

And that motive is sandbagging.

In the past i've tried pointing out erroneous claims by experienced players on VFDC. I only got flak for it. There was no support from VFDC moderators who prefered to side with established players. Which is understandable i guess. But, from now on, i'll dump cases of sandbagging here. There's only so much one-sided abuse i can take.

(…)you may not know the definition of abare. It means "attack from disadvantage." If your opponent often defends when they have advantage, then they probably don't know how to play the game. In real VF, there is no reason for me to defend against an abare player when I have advantage. I just need to use the biggest attack for which I have frames to execute. CH. Yellow Flash. You float. I win.

O Plague "3exase" i) moves with inexistent hitboxes (shun's low kick, lion's db+p, Eileen's shldrm, somersault after elbow, jaffry's b,df+p after blocked df+k etc.) ii) evade p+k spam.

Goh's catch throw and lightweight combo damage is what makes every lightweight character a good matchup for him (except aoi probably has an even matchup because he doesn't have much for d+k+g into tenchi (I think catch throw whiffs on it and if late she can 2P it)).

O GentlemanThief "3exase" ton D,f+p+k shoulder ram tou goh. Stin pragmatikotita o goh einai apo tous ligous xaraktires pou mporoun na kanoun punish toso eukola tin skoupa tis aoi (oi alli duo einai o akira kai i eileen pou exoun kai autoi un-tenchiable moves from crouching).

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